What would just one day of downtime cost your business? Don’t wait until it happens and then react when it’s too late. Your website is critical to your business success, it deserves 1st class WordPress support. Save time, money, and stress knowing you have the best WordPress experts taking care of your website.

Be the first to know if your website goes down with a team of local developers to get you back online fast. We’ll notify you via email and track your website uptime in site care reports.
Do you know how to restore your website if something goes wrong? Do you know where to find a website backup? We provide daily cloud backups and restores, with backup history for peace of mind.
WordPress websites may have a security vulnerability in the core version, plugins or theme. We scan your website for known vulnerabilities and promptly apply security patches.
As well as detailed responses to support tickets, we’ll send a monthly site care report for maintenance and performance monitoring. You’ll know about every update we make to your website.


We'll handle all the WordPress website maintenance, you focus on your business. Let us handle the burden of updates, security, and backups for you.

Partner with a reliable team of WordPress professionals that takes care of all your headaches.
WordPress website maintenance can eat up a lot of the time you should be focusing on growing your agency. Let us handle the burden of updates, security and backups for you.
Secure your data with reliable backups and protect your website with regular security checks.

Management services that power digital growth.

Update Plugins & Themes

We’re here to safely update WordPress core, plugins, and themes. We also support upgrade compatibility to ensure your site stays online.

Backups to Get You Back Up

A site is only as current as its latest backup. On-site or off-site, we’ll back up your WordPress website on a schedule that’s right for you.

WordPress Site Migration

We can migrate your website to a more suitable WordPress hosting environment provided by top-optimized hosting providers.

Results Driven Data

Results Driven Data

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Your website is an extension of your business, you can’t afford for it to stop working. Not to mention, in today’s competitive online landscape, you can’t afford for your website to be slow. We offer competitively priced WordPress Maintenance Services aimed to simplify the process.

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Whether you need a one-time fix or ongoing website support, we are here to provide you with Professional WordPress help. Our WordPress maintenance plans include everything you need to keep your website up-to-date and running smoothly.


Do you have additional questions?

Why do I need a WordPress maintenance plan?

Your website is the bloodline of your business. It is important to keep your website secure and running smoothly 24/7. Being a popular platform, WordPress is a favorite target for hackers. Keeping WordPress and all the installed plugins up to date is an important step in keeping your website safe. Implementing various security measures such as daily backups and malware scans can greatly reduce and mitigate the impact of such attacks. Finally, improving the performance of your website is an important factor in ranking your website in search engines.

Why do I need to worry about website security?

Keeping your website secure is just as important for your business as having the website itself. A recent study revealed that around 30,000 websites are compromised every day! With our security service, we scan your website daily for malware, add local and network brute force protection, hide your login page from hackers, implement strong password policies and enforcement, and much more! Falling victim to a compromised or hacked website can mean lost revenue to your business and will negatively impact your SEO and search engine rankings.

Do I need to switch Hosting Providers?

Not at all. Mostly we offer complimentary web hosting so that your website maintenance and hosting are supported by the same team. Our business-grade cloud hosting solution uses enhanced SSD  for better performance and faster speeds when compared to traditional shared hosting solutions. We also provide a FREE SSL certificate for improved web security at no extra charge.

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