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What is the I-Create Platform? What are the basics of it?
  • I-Create is a collaborative and interactive platform for business owners, professionals, and individuals that connects a pool of freelance website developers, digital marketers, content generators, webmasters, and IT consultants.
  • I-Create ‘Mentor Model’ differentiates it from other freelance platforms. The Mentors are experts in their fields and you are connected to a team, not to an individual.
  • I-Create is mainly focused on website development and offers three interactive options for it; namely ‘create at own’, ‘create with a mentor’ and ‘get it created’.
  • I-Create combines top-notch professionals from reputed companies to work in freelance mode to provide the best service and solutions at a very reasonable cost.
  • I-Create is not a firm or a company. Anyone who is connected and working on the platform is an individual owner of a project, just like you own your business.
  • I-Create gives you complete ownership of your digital projects, so the end responsibility is always yours, be it a website or a complete digital transformation.
  • I-Create mentors are your digital companions on the journey of promotion, branding, and growth on the web.
  • I-Create shares most of its revenue with the working associates and mentors to make a win-win model for all.
Why WordPress is being for all projects at I-Create ?

It is because around 43%% of websites on the Internet utilize WordPress, and WordPress has the largest developer community. This means that tools and plugins have already been developed that easily integrate into your B2B website. We believe an open-source CMS like WordPress is a better option than a proprietary CMS. An open-source CMS means you do not need to rely on one agency or freelancer for website updates. WordPress allows your firm to operate unencumbered.

What happens if I want to add some features to the website?

Whilst we like to be flexible and responsive to your needs, we also like to deliver what we promise within the timeframes and budgets we have allowed. If you ask us to add new features to your website while we are building it, will most likely ask why? If we all agree that your new request will help us achieve our objectives then we will be more than happy to oblige. If this new feature is something you would like to add to your website but is not directly tied to your original objectives then we will suggest scheduling it for a second iteration of the website once it has been launched. This will require a new proposal.


The Team and Tools

We Love WordPress and Work Only with It
  • All the mentors, associates, and developers have a common tool for working; WordPress CMS, and nothing beyond it.
  • Consultancy, Analysis, and Overview are always an integral part of any digital project. You may consider your project mentor as your partner consultant.
  • All the mentors and creators will work using already available WordPress resources; like themes, plugins, and snippets. No new development will be advised, accepted, or carried forward.
What if I want to have another mentor?

Generally, you don’t need this, and we are working on a SPOC interact system. The assigned mentor or creator on your project has a full connection with the other professionals on the platform, so she or he will be responsible for delivering your project. The additional discussion, if required, will be internal.

What is the project delivery timeline?

It totally depends on you and your choice of association model. If you are on the ‘Create with Mentor’ plan, you will get your website live within a week, which is the same timeframe we target for the ‘Get Created by Us’ plan. However, for the next level of working scope, you will get the delivery calendar separately.

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