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As you can imagine, if your site is hacked, then there are likely to be ramifications.

Your hosting provider may suspend your site if hackers are suddenly using way too much bandwidth or disk space. Getting blacklisted from search engines or seeing the message ‘This site may have been hacked’ in search results, is also no fun.

File and server-level scans to understand how the malware was injected and all the infected website files. We will scan every WordPress file—core files, plugins, and theme files for malicious code. This also includes a plugin vulnerability scan.
We will remove malicious code and content from the files. If need be, we will also install a fresh copy of WordPress and restore your website as it was. All vulnerable plugins will be removed and replaced with secure ones.
If search engines have already detected malware on your WordPress website, we have a set of in-house tools to notify Google and other search engines, which will expediate a re-crawl and removal of the warning sign.
WordPress website virus removal can’t be completed without hardening and securing your website to prevent further attacks. Malware injections are designed to steal your customer data or to redirect your site visitors to malicious websites.


Suffering a website hack on your WordPress site is a frightening experience that can leave you feeling distressed and violated.
A hacked website can cripple your business. If your website runs on WordPress, then we can fix your hacked website.
We find and remove an encrypted code that gets your visitors redirected to a spam website.
We scan your website for malicious code and remove it, so your website is clean again.

Take the correct measures to Protect your Website

Webhost Security

You don’t want to put your clients’ sites at risk with inefficient management.

Security Plugins

They do not really protect your website and offer no solution if the site gets hacked.

Cloud Firewalls

But they need you to mess around with DNS to protect the end point and manage a site.

Results Driven Data

Results Driven Data

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The integrated Web Application Firewall protects your site from hackers and bots. Threat Intelligence Network pushes rules and IPs in real-time to stop new attacks.

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Patching vulnerable plugins or themes can greatly reduce the risk to your website. Receive alarms whenever a vulnerability is detected on your site. Quickly fix the issue before it causes harm.


Do you have additional questions?

Can you fix my hacked website?

If your website runs on WordPress, then we can fix your website. Our success rate is 100%.

What happens if the hack returns?

If the repeated hack occurs during the 30-day warranty period, don’t worry, we will clean your site for free!

If other websites on your server are infected, we strongly recommend cleaning other websites as well, to prevent repeated hacks down the line.

What information do you need to get started?

To start working on your website, we will need a WordPress administrator account, FTP, and your hosting account details.

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