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WordPress is an amazing open-source software but just like any other software, it is susceptible to bugs and errors. Instead of wasting your time trying to fix the WordPress bugs yourself, you can let us handle your WordPress issues and problems.

If your site has been defaced by a malicious third party, it is important to not only clean the infection but to stop it from happening again. We'll remove the source of the problem, add some protection to your site, and set you up with our backups to add another line of defense in future.
This is most common issue we get reported to us when someone can’t see their website. You don’t see a 404 or a 500 error or a timeout error – just a plain blank white screen. This is incredibly cryptic and unsettling for those who have never experienced it before.
The WordPress configuration file is the core of your installation, setting the main features and linking your site and database together. An error can break, or complicate your website. We will identify the issue and provide a workaround or steps you should take.
By executing WP-CLI commands, we can find the exact active plugin or plugins on the site that are causing the issue to occur. The error being shown can be traced back to a file within a specific plugin, and then checking the plugin slug that it is showing will make it very clear.


Nothing is more frustrating than a broken website! Don't spend hours banging your head against your computer, let us quickly fix your site!

With over 10 years of WordPress troubleshooting experience behind us, I know how to fix the most common WordPress errors quickly and to your satisfaction.
Minor to major programming errors in code and logic often results in errors, bugs, and broken links. We fix it!
Due to heavy traffic, attacks, and coding vulnerabilities your website can crash and shutdown occurs. We fix it!

We Fix WordPress Issues Efficiently

Locked Out Fix

Did you get completely locked out of WordPress? We can get you logged back in.

Update Issue Fix

Updates of WordPress can cause issues on occasion. Luckily it’s nothing we can’t easily fix.

Theme & Plugin Issue Fix

Is there something strange going on inside your WordPress theme? We can totally fix it.

Results Driven Data

Results Driven Data

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There’s a reason why more than 1,000 + WordPress website owners worldwide trust us to fix, support, and update their websites.

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We are available 24/7 and will quickly diagnose the problem and figure out the best way to get your website back up and running.


Do you have additional questions?

What's included with your WordPress website maintenance plans?

We perform daily tasks as a part of our website maintenance services and security management:

24/7 uptime monitoring, plugin updates, theme updates, WordPress core updates, daily website backups, malware scans, malware removal, firewall management, brute force protection, and more. And if you need website changes, design edits, fixes, and troubleshooting.

Do your WordPress maintenance plans support "custom themes?"

If you have a custom WordPress theme, It cannot be supported in the maintenance. We consider a “custom theme” to be one that does not receive updates from the original theme author/developer after its creation.
To further clarify, a “Child Theme” is not considered a “Custom Theme” as long as it has a Parent Theme that receives regular updates and is commercially supported.

Can you support E-Commerce / online stores?

Yes, but we only support WooCommerce for WordPress. Websites with online stores are more complex and require advanced maintenance and security. We can work on the support features and more each month to support the needs and added complexity that eCommerce sites have.

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