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When signing up for onboarding on the i-Create platform, it is important to provide accurate and valid information as it forms the basis of your association with our Mentors. In case of any doubts or queries, we recommend scheduling a free chat session using the “Mentor Connect” option available under the “i-Connect” section of our website. This will enable you to get a clear understanding of the process and requirements before proceeding further. Please note that by registering with i-Create, you agree to abide by our General Terms & Conditions, Acceptable Use Policy, and Fair Use Policy.

Code of Conduct for Chat Support with a Mentor

We’re committed to providing a supportive and respectful environment for everyone who participates in our chat support. As such, we ask that you abide by the following Code of Conduct:

Be respectful: Treat others as you would like to be treated. Avoid using insulting or derogatory language and refrain from personal attacks.

Be inclusive: We welcome individuals from all backgrounds and identities. Avoid discriminatory behavior or language, and do not engage in harassment of any kind.

Be constructive: Our chat support is designed to help users solve problems and achieve their goals. Keep the conversation focused on the issue at hand, and avoid unnecessary tangents or distractions.

Be patient: Sometimes, finding a solution takes time. Avoid getting frustrated or impatient with others, and be willing to work through issues in a collaborative and respectful manner.

Respect confidentiality: Users may share sensitive information during a chat support session. Protect their privacy by not sharing or disclosing any information without their explicit consent.

Follow the rules: We reserve the right to remove users who violate our Code of Conduct or engage in behaviour that is disruptive or harmful to the community.

Mentor as a Guide: If you are participating in the ‘Create with Mentor’ plan, please note that your assigned mentor is your guide and point of contact for all aspects of the program. While our staff may provide support and assistance as needed, it is important to maintain a respectful and professional working relationship with your mentor.

Please keep in mind that your mentor is dedicating their time and expertise to helping you succeed, and they deserve your respect and gratitude. Be open to their feedback and guidance, and be willing to put in the effort necessary to achieve your goals.

If you have any questions or concerns about your mentorship experience, please feel free to reach out to our staff. We are committed to ensuring that you have a positive and productive experience in our mentorship program.

By participating in our chat support, you agree to abide by these guidelines and to work towards creating a positive and supportive environment for all users.

Limitations of Support and Service

At i-Create WordPress Website Development Community Service, we strive to provide high-quality support and service to help you build your online presence with WordPress. However, there are some limitations to the support and services we offer, which we want to make clear to you:

  • Only WordPress Core, Themes, and Plugins: We work exclusively with the WordPress CMS, selected themes, and plugins to develop your website.
  • No Code or Low Code Platform: Our mentors do not write or modify code for your website, but instead provide guidance on the use of our selected themes and plugins, mostly available at WP Themes and Channel Websites.
  • Additional Features: We are not equipped to meet agile requirements. In our ‘Create with Mentor’ or ‘Get it Created’ plans, our mentors will suggest available themes, plugins, and related functionality to help you create your business website.
  • No ‘Agile’ Works: At i-Create  Community Website Development platform, we do not undertake ‘Agile’ working assignments as part of any of our three Association Plans. However, we may refer to website links shared during discussions for a better understanding of your requirements. Please note that we do not create copies of websites or match their look and feel or features. Our approach is to use only the available features of WP Core, Themes, and plugins that match your requirements after checking for compatibility.

    If you have a customized website development requirement, please email us at [email protected]. We will work out a development plan with specialized pricing calculations.

  • Additional Scope: If you require a customised website with specific features, we may work on a new scope of work to deliver your website product. This cannot be linked with any existing plans available on the i-Create website.
  • Mentors are Decision Makers: While working with a mentor or having a website created by a mentor, the mentor will make decisions on UI/UX, features, and resources. However, we welcome your input and will work with you to create a website that meets your needs.
  • Themes and Plugins: You are free to use your selected WordPress theme, but it is not always guaranteed that the features you are looking for will be available in that particular theme pack. Before starting the project, your WP mentor may recommend an alternate theme pack and plugins. Purchasing the theme and plugins from the Envato Market is solely your responsibility. We may share an affiliate link with you to avoid incorrect purchases. You will need to follow the policies of the website from which you purchase any products. In the event of any disputes, we will not be able to provide any assistance.
  • Payment and Refunds: We operate on a non-refundable policy for all payments made for our services. This is due to the nature of digital products and the interdependent community of service providers we work with. Our mentors operate as freelancers and are paid in advance for their services upon registration for a ‘Plan’. As a result, it becomes difficult for us to retrieve any amounts paid, even in the event of a dispute. We do not entertain any communication regarding our non-refundable policy.
Working Norms:

You and Your Mentor: We encourage building a fair and respectful working relationship with your assigned Mentor. During the project, it’s important to discuss any required points briefly and maintain open communication. We highly value your trust and acceptance of the solutions suggested and provided by the Mentor, as it is the key to a successful business website. Please remain flexible and open-minded, and avoid being rigid or insistent on solutions that may not be covered in the working scope.

Mistakes and Corrections: Mistakes are a natural part of any learning process, and this applies to both you and your Mentor. It’s important to take regular database and installation backups, especially after reaching a milestone, to prevent any disruptions to the website’s functionality. In case of any mistakes or disruptions, the website can only be restored to the last backup state, and if there is no backup, it may result in a complete reset to the initial basic installation status. Therefore, we highly recommend taking frequent backups to ensure that your project remains safe and secure.

We believe that being transparent about the limitations of our support and services will help us provide a better experience for our clients. If you have any questions or concerns about our services, please feel free to reach out to us.

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