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Your online presence needs to make an impact. It needs to connect. It has to start conversations. With an insightful and consultative approach, we help make audiences understand what makes you different.

i-Create is a unique community that offers a platform for business owners and WordPress website development freelancers to create websites. We offer onboarding programs for individuals and companies who wish to have a website developed, and they can get access to experienced WP Mentors who can help with website development.

At i-Create, we understand the importance of transparency and fairness in our work. Therefore, we have a no cancellation and no refund policy once the onboarding process is completed and the project is started. This is because most of the payment is made to the WP Mentors in advance, and it becomes challenging for us to retrieve the amount if there is any dispute.

It is important to understand the nature of digital products and services that we offer, which makes it difficult for us to provide refunds. Our WP Mentors work as freelancers, and we follow an assignment-based advance payment system. Therefore, once a customer registers for a plan, the majority of the paid amount goes to the WP Mentor in advance before starting the project.

We strongly advise our clients to discuss their requirements briefly during the chat support sessions to build a fair working relationship with their assigned WP Mentor. We also encourage clients to trust and accept the solutions suggested and provided by the WP Mentor as they are experienced and knowledgeable in website development.

At i-Create, we understand that mistakes can happen during website development, and we always advise our clients to take database and installation backups at regular intervals. This can help in the event of any disruption in the website’s functionality, and the restoration can be done from the last backup states. However, if there is no backup available, it can go back to the initial basic installation status, and missed data cannot be recovered.

If a client requires a customized website development requirement, we recommend contacting us at [email protected]. We may work out a development plan with specialized pricing calculations based on the specific requirements.

In conclusion, the no cancellation and no refund policy at i-Create is in place to ensure fairness and transparency in our work. We encourage clients to discuss their requirements and build a fair working relationship with their assigned WP Mentor to ensure the success of their website development project.

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    Results Driven Data
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